Meaning of the name Feliciano:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Weak, cute, sensitive, and very friendly. Feliciano loves cats and people, he can b a bother sometimes, but he makes it up to you with his cuteness. He loves his brother, but his brother doesn't love him back. He is always stepped on like trash and has not that many friends
I tug on his hair curl just to scare him and have fun. BTW, leave him some pasta, if you have the chance. :)
Happy, beautiful, works greatly with others, a natural leader who is meant for great things.
It means "happy." Cheers. Go Hetalia! Bring on the pasta and white flags!
aewsome cool lovexi smart and good
Smexy pasta~
It means Italy from Hetalia! Pasta!
Italy from Hetalia. xD
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