Meaning of the name Felipe:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Spanish, Portuguese
Souldier and survivor
a handsomme person na a great father some day
yall are stupid!! felipe is an awesome name. he's so lovey and super funny.
Best boyfriend in the world! Very handsome! Could be the man i'll marry one day :)
felipe a good bf l love him he is so cute and have swaqq :)
a good boyfriend treats you like a prinssa
a strong,handsome,and athletic man that will be a great father some day
best dad ever
My name is Felipe and it means "God is my judge" , "lover of horses" and its origins are Greek. In Greek its pronounced "philipos"
There is an exchange student at my school named felipe.and he is awesome!
He was so close to winning the egg drop @ Lee Elementary! Felipe, if ur here, listen up. I luv u. ur so hot! Oh i'm in 4th grade, and I hope u notice me!!
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