Meaning of the name Francine:
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Gender: Female
Usage: French, English
youth ful beutiful free
free women its french
my name is Francine and i have really hated it up until now when i descovered that it means free- thats a powerfull meaning. all my life i have been called franki but now when someone asks me what franki is short for i wont be too shy to tell them ! also i love americen dad and i think Francine is soooo jokes xx btw im English
Francine is a french name it plainly means french
Fun, Rare, Adventurous, Nice, Caring, Ideal , Nervous, Exciting
franince means freedom and a free women in ohter words to be free. she shows a great character and is a wonderful role model for free women
stupid stupid stupid blacks and rear end in a tophats
francine is the BEST NAME EVER. ITS MY NAME
its pronunced: fran-seen) and its my pretty skinny mother who is pretty :D
it means a nice name not
stupid lovey people?
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