Meaning of the name Gabby:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
Funny, Talks a Lot !
funny cute talks a lot lol she makes me smile !)
She is a awesome person....Im so glad that she is my friend!!!
she is one of a kind she is a true friend she dont care who she make friends with she well make friends with the hole live wrold
shy nice and cool
gabby's are awesome i love gabbys im a gabby this means you are awesome like me!!
gabby means trustwothy and cute funny and an awesome person to be around
person that talks alot she is anoying fun weired crazy pretty
Talkitive. I personaly know, since my name is Gabby=)
god is your srength
An ausome chick that an amazing personality end kicking hair is smart, breutiful, pretty, and a great friend!!!! I would definally have Gabby as a friend anyday i would do anything for that smexi b
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