Meaning of the name Gabriele:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Italian
im a girl named gabriele, this is not a boy name
arabic meaning fighter for god
Cool dude. I like him
yes im a man woman fine personS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
his name means abnouxcious
If you speak italian, you pronounce it as (ga-brri-ell-e`) The a makes and AH, the i make an EEEE sound, the r is rolled, the e makes an EH sound.
Gabriel (m) FrenchGabrielle (f) FrenchGabriele (m) ItalianGabriella (f) Italian
It says for male, but my friend's name is Gabriele (its a girl).
this name means u are a believer also stuborn but an all around cool and beautiful person and you also talk alot
Cool beatifull and funni
gabriele is also a girls name i think its very beautiful and everyone named this is AWESOME!!!!
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