Meaning of the name Gabriella:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Italian, Hungarian, English, Swedish
beautiful hyper and sweet
cute and sweet(:
Gabriella comes from the name of God's messenger, Gabriel
Gods strength
These things are so true i love my name~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gabriella is shy and quiet one at some times and hyper and energetic at others, a total eccentric, an idealistic person. Has amazing ideas and is a "go with the flow" person. Very laid-back.
i love my NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my name is gabriella tooo!!!!!!!i love my name
My bffl is named Gbriella and she is fun and outgoing but doesn't like to listen she is super funny but can be mean sometimes
i hi my name is gabriella and i am not italian, hungarian, english r swedish i am portuguese!!!!!!! i mean i was born in american but the rest of my family was born in portugal but i really love my name and i am really happy to hear what it means thanks :) :) :)
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