Meaning of the name Gabriella:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Italian, Hungarian, English, Swedish
beautiful hyper and sweet
cute and sweet(:
Gabriella comes from the name of God's messenger, Gabriel
Gods strength
Gabriella is shy and quiet one at some times and hyper and energetic at others, a total eccentric, an idealistic person. Has amazing ideas and is a "go with the flow" person. Very laid-back.
These things are so true i love my name~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gods flower
my name is gabriella but everybody calls me gaby if somebody asks wat my name is i say gaby
my name is gabriella and all of this stuff is true it rocks!!!!!!!
gabriella is a beautiful name that is the reason for a perfect sunset,the sound of it just seems as if all the worries in the world had just disipeard, the word makes u wonder what it would be like if u had a different name because just hearing the name gabrielle takes your breath away :)
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