Meaning of the name Gage:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English (Modern)
He's awesome
My little brother's name. And for all of you who hate the name Gage, well just look at your own name and think about it because Gage is an awesome name!
Gage means- a loving person, and is sweet, and careing, and very hot, i have a boyfreind named gage, so trust me i should know!
he is a tough guy
Gage is a freakin lovey beast!
uhmmm whoever put ga(y)ge better stfu bc i know a gage and when it comes down to it he can be a sweet, funni and amazing before all you haters open yerr mouths, take a step back and look at yerr name..bc it might not be so cool...!!!! think about it..
The funniest person in the world who should date me
happy man . happy . lowlife
gage is loving amazing.
My name is Gage and im a beast
gage is a cute adorable guy like a baby yah dont make fun of the name gage beacuse that would be rude how would you like it if some one made fun of your name lit say your name is jogn and some one called you gonjin how would you feel i know i would feel sad
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