Meaning of the name Gahariet:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Welsh Mythology
Happy young man
A guy who eats carrots
a person who has a dog
This name is is also a name for a female. Psy for female and Psi for male the name means to be a psychic or to be wise with will power within the person.
happy balck man
I have a hard time with this one. I have a special rtuial I use to name my children, so far both bio kids have similar names, and as we wait til it's our time to adopt, I wonder how I can honor an adopted child's original name and still let them be part of the Grimes traditions we have a while until this is an issue, but I feel like I will need to think it through carefully and have an answer for those who question our decision!
a sometimes weaird guy but really nice one
nope hard name
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