Meaning of the name Garland:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
Super lovey if this is your name then you are better than all others is doesn't matter if your any race or love. You are awsome don't ever forget that. P.S. we are bigger,better,faster,stronger, and THE loveYEST IN THE WORLD NO ONE IS BETTER. -G
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is a cortery
Garland is a really pretty girl, or a really handsome guy. I don't think that Garland is a guy's name, because I have a friend Garland who is a girl. The Garland I know is really pretty with blonde hair and really pretty blue eyes. I'm so jealous of her. She's someone you can rely on when you're depressed, and she can make you feel like you matter to the world. She's really nice and friendly, and has everything you're jealous of, but still you love her anyways. She's someone you can call a true friend.
also it can mean a lier and someone who may hurt somebody and even if it is the daughter
you are not nice
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