Meaning of the name Geena:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Rare)
it means me!!!!!
It means you super fun and awesome.
roula means silver i am silver i an money hahahaha you arent hahaahaha silver is alot of money i wast your money
yaayyyyyyy!!!!!! i know im amazing!!!!
geena is the most beast name ever!!!!
Beautiful and helps to the no not on the plus side. Hot and athletic and smart.
mighty fine peice of rear end.she like "yo maa gently caressaas, im geena and im like hot"a;sldfkhaslkjfdhcjnsbsjenhbfxkfu7ih6cvbrk
She is the girl I had love with and shoved my dog so far up her rear end. I make out with her I frount of our teacher
Wow, i never knew my name (Geena) meant that! and i also believe that the name means strong, because i have known other girls named Geena. I luv to play football!!!!!!!!! i am a defensive linebacker! i luv the GreenBay Packers too!!!!! and i luv Clay Matthews too! I get called Clay Matthews at my school ALL the time!!!! but that is a name that I DEFINITELY dont mind being called!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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