Meaning of the name Geneviève:
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Gender: Female
Usage: French
Well, genevieve actually comes from saint Genevieve, the patron saint of France. My name is genevieve, and in a French dictionary it means woman of the people if your name is Genevieve, don't let people make fun of you because your name is different BE PROUD
I am genevieve and allllllll genevieves like me are awwwwwesome and beastly XP
My name is genevieve and im proud to be different!!!! :P
its supposed to mean women of the poeple or white wave or... loveY
i luv my name deal with it!!!!
If you're like me genevieve's you have a sweet heart.
Who ever said that all people named 'Genevieve' are over weight and gold diggers should get a life because that's probably what they are. My sisters' name is Genevieve and she is the nicest person I know.
someone desperate for love.
my name is genevive and i am happy
its my name i luv it and dont care what people got to say about it cuz i am proud of it
this name is ment for people over wheght and are awsome gold diggers
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