Meaning of the name Gillian:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Gillian means a smart, intelligent, clumsy, magnificent, beautiful girl.
gillian is the best name ever
The name Gillian means a very enthusiastic and fun girl who is a great listener and can be serious when ut us needed. It also means a very popular girl who everyone loves!
child of the god
child of the gods
Youthful and pure
Gillian, or Jillian, means young child. It is Latin, but it is popular in Ireland.
Graceful, elegant, as well as intelligent and beautiful.
The meaning of Gillian is "youthful". My name is Gillian and I love it! I get aggravated from pronunciations people try. Ugh. Anyhow, I am very talketive and outgoing. I am smart and very loyal. I have heard that these are meanings for the name which is funny because I carry these traits! Love, Gillian:):):)
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