Meaning of the name Gloria:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
It means Glory other wise Gloria means GLORY (noun) The noun GLORY has 3 senses:1. a state of high honor2. brilliant radiant beauty3. an indication of radiant light drawn around the head of a saint Familiarity information: GLORY used as a noun is uncommon. GLORY (verb) The verb GLORY has 1 sense:1. rejoice proudly Familiarity information: GLORY used as a verb is very rare.
yes we r beautiful and radiant and we give glory to god on high!!!>>i luv my name soo much more now >who says gloria's aren't nice?? we are the angels of the earth :D
Wow i never knew there where more people with the same name as me :-)
Uhhhhh I'm proud to be named Gloria; I didnt know it mean radiant beauty too. Lol I'm named after my grandma, she was beautiful :) GlORiAS KiCK rear end !
my name is gloria and what i read is beautiful i feel good about my name for more reasonable reasons im proud of GLORIA beeing my name.. =) thank the person who put that up..
my name is gloria and gloria's are very amazing and talented and i do love my name!!!!!!! i am amazing!!!
My name is Gloria and i think its awesome
*Gloria is a cute name
my name is gloria and imm the AWESOMNE
My first name is gloria,and my middle name is elena.Which both mean beautiful person
I am named after my beautiful grandmother and growing up I never knew anyone else to have it but as an adult I have come across many and personally have not come across one that I didn't like. Were just wonderful people.
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