Meaning of the name Griffin:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
Griffin Means "A mythical Monster"
i have a little brother named griffin and he is not a mythical creature. he is the most loving griffin ever. fyi you dont know what griffin is for all of you who wrote about the name griffin
Griffin is the bomb
I'm a girl, my last name is griffin and i believe that griffins are loveing unless you get on their bad side, then you get it.Trust me, i would know i have a really bad temper!
My little brothers name is griffin and he got if from my grandmothers last name
Boy Name meaning loving, physically strong, mentally strong, good with his hands, and very precise
a cool person who u can trust
Griffin is a super hottie who loves to play hockey! Goo griffgriff:)
Griffin is my first name and when i was in summer camp i met a kid named pheonix and he actuley atacked me like a pheonix and we were on a hike so i skinned my knee and my other at mini golf i am 9 years got realy sick on christmas 2011. and threwup 9 times
my dog is named griffin
the most annoying person in the world who thinks that they r cute nd tht every1 likes themwhen they r loving UGLY!!!!!!! they like girls but then curse out the girls boyfriends cuz they get mad cuz they cant have that girl. also they go to ruth musser middle school and they r just STUPID UGLY rear end DUMBrear endES
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