Meaning of the name Hakeem:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Arabic
hug him
lovey black dude
MY boyfriend's name is hakeem and he is a tall lovey black dude!
If you think you're uncle is lovey you are a messed up freak Moonstarfox*
Sorry, I put my comment twice again? Oops! ;pI put Moonstarfox and an asterisk so people know it is me! Moonstarfox*
desparte for women,food,and women
guy off of Empire
Hakeem is a really short dude
Hakeem is a really lovey guy .has a great personality .has an great girlfriend .
lil dude from across ta street
I have a friend who's name is hakeem and he is loveY funny smart loves sports and is right for me thing is we're all ready dating LOL
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