Meaning of the name Harmony:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
means wonderful, nice, loving, caring, understadning. quick to anger, and NOT ansy of the rude and mean things up here! :) :D :P =P =D =)
Harmony means peace love and joy it bringes you happiness and nothing but that my dogs name in harmony she is very smart she has a stronge will will not give up with out a fight and she means every thing to me and sice I got her my life has been better and I fell more protetected because I'll know she'll be with me every step of the way just like a BFFL With love, Zoey
It means PEACE and UNITY
I want to name my daughter Harmony! I love this name!
beautiful loving kind and friendly
Can you say a anything like, i know harmony!
Typically, it means "Peace and Unity" but it can also translate to "Singing as one" All in all, it's a pretty name
This is my middle name it goes well with my first name Michelle which means closer to god
i have a friend named harmony and she is caring and loving
hardworking ,spontaneuos,loving,beautiful,intelligent,good-natured ,entertaining and popular person!
My name is Harmony and I think it means some times mean but loving and caring for others I also think it means smart. Some people say that my name stands for making people laugh when they are down. I LOVE MY NAME HARMONY!!!!! :)
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