Meaning of the name Harmony:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
means wonderful, nice, loving, caring, understadning. quick to anger, and NOT ansy of the rude and mean things up here! :) :D :P =P =D =)
I want to name my daughter Harmony! I love this name!
It means PEACE and UNITY
beautiful loving kind and friendly
Typically, it means "Peace and Unity" but it can also translate to "Singing as one" All in all, it's a pretty name
My best friends name is harmony and she is loving, caring, stands up for me at rough times, and knows exactly what to say. Harmony, if you are reading this I mean everything I said. And this is from your bff,Taylor
it means love,peace,and unity it means together!!!
it means musical i know because my name is harmony!!!!
i have a friend named harmony and she is caring and loving
calm and lovely, inside and out
thats my name and its misspelled it shoud be like this Harmoney or Harmony thats how i spelll it:)
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