Meaning of the name Harmony:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
means wonderful, nice, loving, caring, understadning. quick to anger, and NOT ansy of the rude and mean things up here! :) :D :P =P =D =)
Harmony means peace love and joy it bringes you happiness and nothing but that my dogs name in harmony she is very smart she has a stronge will will not give up with out a fight and she means every thing to me and sice I got her my life has been better and I fell more protetected because I'll know she'll be with me every step of the way just like a BFFL With love, Zoey
It means PEACE and UNITY
I want to name my daughter Harmony! I love this name!
Typically, it means "Peace and Unity" but it can also translate to "Singing as one" All in all, it's a pretty name
This is my middle name it goes well with my first name Michelle which means closer to god
i have a friend named harmony and she is caring and loving
phurba zangmo
beautiful loving kind and friendly
it means love,peace,and unity it means together!!!
my name is harmony it means peace andd a note :D
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