Meaning of the name Hayley:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
Beautiful and Attractive and loves to laugh..
beautiful girl love 2 sing and dance!funny smart and sometimes likes attention
cute pretty and smart loves being the center of attention and is great to be around
sweet and is my friend
Supergirl......hero, fun, great BFF, people person,caring, super funny and totally crazy!!!!!!
hero, caring,
a very nice person
Devoted, Brilliant, Intelligent, Nervously Adorable
Hayley is AWESOME! She's nice pretty and athletic fun to be around! Fun to text! :)
my name and the name of my friends friend Hayley. A i live up to the crazy funny loves to laugh smart and loves to sing and dance Hayley.A lives up to the attention part so these things must be true
My names Hayley(: & omg! my nickname is Hayley Bug! haha.Hayley means a shy girl. Loves to have so much fun. Loves her friends.
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