Meaning of the name Hazel:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
wise and clever
beautiful and fabulous
maybe it means your kind to everyone and your beautiful inside and out
the best name in the world!!!!! (guess what , im called hazel)
I'm called Hazel. Hazel is an old english name, and apparently it means good listener, boundless energy and a ready smile. If you're called Hazel, you are also meant to be loyal to your friends
simply beautiful, couragoes, wise, athltic, atractive, brave, a leader, modest, and kind to all
my name is Hazel and it is and old english name origanly keltic, it mean to be loyal, trustworthy, intelagent,kind and creative!! i also have hazel eyes and my friend say i fit these characteristics although one of my friends added 'crazy as a Hazel nut to the list' witch i guess suits me too!
it means i'm shy but powerful
you are loyal to your friends and everyone else
Hazel means wise, creative, stubborn, and a good listener. Also it means you're super awesome and amazing. Not to mention modest. JK
Hazel u mt best friend love u babe xx carnt wait to see u again xxx
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