Meaning of the name Hazel:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
wise and clever
beautiful and fabulous
maybe it means your kind to everyone and your beautiful inside and out
the best name in the world!!!!! (guess what , im called hazel)
simply beautiful, couragoes, wise, athltic, atractive, brave, a leader, modest, and kind to all
I'm called Hazel. Hazel is an old english name, and apparently it means good listener, boundless energy and a ready smile. If you're called Hazel, you are also meant to be loyal to your friends
my name is Hazel and it is and old english name origanly keltic, it mean to be loyal, trustworthy, intelagent,kind and creative!! i also have hazel eyes and my friend say i fit these characteristics although one of my friends added 'crazy as a Hazel nut to the list' witch i guess suits me too!
it means i'm shy but powerful
you are loyal to your friends and everyone else
i have a friend named hazel and she acts like all of these things
I think hazel is a beautiful name and people with this name are generous and think more of others then their self the will want to help any one besides the self the think of other but they are all so leaders some time the want to say some thing if some the wrong but there to shy to when there family yells at them some times they get snappy and stick up for there self they love animals there good kids they fight for what is right.
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