Meaning of the name Heather:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
it means full of wholesome beauty..(someone should start a group on facebook for people with the name Heather... I'm a Heather too.. =D)
it means a purple flower
she can crack a joke when someones upset
u no heathers a pretty name my bff is heather,,,,,,shes so nice.
Heather means caring, loving, a blossoming flower, and beautiful
my daughter name is heather and she is so precious to me and brings smiles when i'm upset
A beautiful blossoming flower
shy kind gentle and it reprizents a blossom flower
My sisters name is Heather and she is the most sweetest thing in the entire world. She is a peacemaker, loving, angry at times, but never furious, and she is as beautiful as a flower!!!!!!:D
Heather is a common flower found in England. The Heather flower is a flower/shrub, the colors of the Heather flower may vary. But overall the Heather is a beautiful flower.
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