Meaning of the name Heather:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
it means full of wholesome beauty..(someone should start a group on facebook for people with the name Heather... I'm a Heather too.. =D)
it means a purple flower
she can crack a joke when someones upset
u no heathers a pretty name my bff is heather,,,,,,shes so nice.
Heather means caring, loving, a blossoming flower, and beautiful
my daughter name is heather and she is so precious to me and brings smiles when i'm upset
A beautiful blossoming flower
Flowering one! (And I like the facebook group idea!)
Heather means incredibly sweet and beautiful, inside and out.
Heather is a purplish, blue, pink or white flower that grows in Ireland, UK and the Scotland highlands that is knee high and it has thorns to boot. it is very pretty and smells nice too. mexican heather can grow in michigan but the others can't.
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