Meaning of the name Heather:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
it means full of wholesome beauty..(someone should start a group on facebook for people with the name Heather... I'm a Heather too.. =D)
it means a purple flower
u no heathers a pretty name my bff is heather,,,,,,shes so nice.
she can crack a joke when someones upset
Heather means caring, loving, a blossoming flower, and beautiful
Heather means,you like to do school work. And very pretty love kisses and boys (: GO HEATHER'S(:
my daughter name is heather and she is so precious to me and brings smiles when i'm upset
im a heather and it means im epic
Flowering one! (And I like the facebook group idea!)
YOU SERIOUSLY DONT KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS!!! It means shrub. Sorry to all the people who are named Heather, but it actually translates to shrub. But I actually love this name. Wish I were named Heather...
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