Meaning of the name Helen:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Greek Mythology (Anglicized)
Helen means shineing star, light, shineing light, and torch. Helen of troy was a beautiful women, so Helen is generaly a beautiful name for a beautiful person.
Tourch or Light (Eleni in Greek)
Light in Greek
Creative, bubbly, funny ;D
the forth definition is correct. plus stop typing mean comments.
Hey my besttest friend ever and her middle name is Elena weird right
haha mah name
Helen is the definition of an awesome best friend and a chick who doesn't lie cuz shell tell u straight up
It Means Crazyness Thats Why Thats My Name ;D
heyyy my mum's name and my bf's mum's name is helen and their rreeaallllyy nice soooo stuff you all!!! :(
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