Meaning of the name Hope:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
pretty in a gentle way, nice, meaning life
Hope:means full of energy, nice, kind caring and loving beautiful and will get guys
Hope means sweet, caring, BEAUTIFUL, smart, and has lots of friends.
A Very kind Girl ;D
It means Optimistic and caring and beautiful in a gentle way
meaning craetive awsome doesnt it sound awsoome it also meands nice
meaning craetive awsome doesnt it sound awsoome
My name is Hope and my friends always say i hope Hope is okay or something like that. I love my name and there are churcjs named after me.
hay my name is hope and I cinda like cornflakes and im not a girl and a woman and a skank and a tramp. So all u guys that have hope in ur name stay sronge and dont let other people say that u r a sult or other stuff. So stay sronge nomatter what happens to u and remember that would dont hert u. So all the people in the world that call u a girl gust ignore them.
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