Meaning of the name Hope:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
pretty in a gentle way, nice, meaning life
Hope:means full of energy, nice, kind caring and loving beautiful and will get guys
A Very kind Girl ;D
Hope means sweet, caring, BEAUTIFUL, smart, and has lots of friends.
It means Optimistic and caring and beautiful in a gentle way
meaning craetive awsome doesnt it sound awsoome
Hope means a lot of things like ,awesome,gentle,athletic,can kick anyones end, ,hopeful,can give people hope,nice,enerjetic,careing,my first name,can get lots of guys,and loves Taylor loutner!:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Having Hope is like having food, comforting."- Unknown author.Lol I don't know hope means a lot of things like to be so full of something inside that you burst. To have hope. To be happy. To dream. To have love. Longing. A bunch of stuff. But yeah hope is an amazing name. Love it.
watts wrong with you!!! my names hope!!! >:( i'm quite appauled...and im only 11!!! you guys seriously have no HOPE in your life;thanx for the "pretty in a gentle way" and what the heck to "huge girlly woman"!!!
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