Meaning of the name Iesha:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (African American, Modern)
a very bright young lady that doesn't take anything from anyone.
someone who has your back true every thing and will always that no mader what she wont let iny thing take a smiel off her face because she has best friends and a good family to go to so that she nows she is loved and is cared for........!!!!!!!!!!! To:IeshaFrom:Anna love you so much wont let you go
a love person
iesha is also a beautiful princess. this name comes from africa and egypt. she is often known as the rincess of beauty and the woman of wisdom. she is like the last wave of the ocean which is quiet,settle, and a little peaceful
esha means the last prayer
An expressive young woman or girl who appreciates life. Hates drama and, is a very outgiong and gorgeuos person who will become someone in there lifetime....
smart, wont put up with nobody brown, wont let nobody run over them...
An experienced, loving and caring female. Someone who will love you for you, someone who won't walk away from you. A girl who is honest, trustworthy and quiet. A girl who everyone seems to be in love with. A girl who will fight for what she believes in, and won't let her dreams go to waste. A beautiful girl, something like a princess.
I myself think it means bright one
a girl or woman who is very strong willed and will never let anything get in her way. she will also be the kind of person who won't let anything hurt her family or friends and will always try to protect the people she loves.
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