Meaning of the name Iliana:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Spanish
Iliana means "BRIGHT" in German.
i love it because it means bright in spanish
that i am a very beautiful, heart-warming person. :)
i love it because it means i am a bright and heart warming person
my name is iliana..and youp to the beautiful, bright, short and fiery! hell naa to the half man!!
illiana means i am VERYYYYYYYY pretty and also VERYYYYYY
Yup I am the top of my clrear end
to bad it ALSO doesnt describe me!!!! HA HA! IM S-E-X-Y AND i know it!
Iliana means in greek fromtroy it was a godess name.
well fist thinq is first my name is iliana and im beyond everthong postive!!!! and im lovey a.f
you batter stop writting the same stuff and i was going to ask you if you have a boyfiend who is happy
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