Meaning of the name Ivy:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
The best sister to ever walk the planet! whoever makes fun of u and calls u poison ivy is a jerk. ivy is a kind and loving and loyal gurl so stop saying bad things about other people's names!!! if u looked up ur name and saw that evryone thought it was stupid how would you feel. Ivy is a great name so stop sayin bad stuff about it.
Ivy is a sacred name that means "Life"
ivy is a great name in fact my moms name is ivy and shes great will do anything for me shes loving caring and will always be there
My name is Ivy and... well You are all really mean. Ivy doesn't mean skulls and bone or SUCKS ALOT OF dog. Everyone named Ivy has their own personality so back off if Ivy is not your name. I rocks to be named ivy. PS BLAHHH
I hate you all for calling it a stupid or ugly name. So shut up, haytas!
Wow, almost none of these comments discribe me.. My name is Ivy and im actually a loving person..
your all basing it on a person you know an they r all probably worlds different...all your anwers are wrong....when a baby is born it is named and that baby is pure..dont try to find a deeper meaning to is simply a name of a plant..a name doesnt tell you who and what the person is...fix up
popular at school. she is at my school. for every 3 grades
Earth, love, and beuty
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