Meaning of the name Jack:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
It means a loving, cheerful little dude. Sometimes he gets in fights, but he is still A entergetic little brother.
Jack is a name everyone wants,Jack is a person who is very handsom and get any girl he wants.He sometimes can throw temopertantrums but, he will always be a loving guy and also will always be loved.
JAck is awesome
well i dont know about you but i know this jack and he happens to be the coolest person i know so that might say something about the name
VERY energetic
a man who is athleatic
i have two friends named Jack one is honest,kind,loveing,outgoing,understanding,and awesome!!!the other one lies alot,he is always against me an all my freinds,he is self centered,cheats,he thinks he always has to win,and yet he thinks evreryone likes him
he is hot and the most popularist guy and you will be so lucky as to even be friends with him
I don't know about anyone else but I'm named after that spy in the tom clancy series Jack Ryan. So that's what MY name means.
The name Jack is Hebrew and it means that god is gracious. It is also the nickname of john and people named Jack can be called john and yes if you are named Jack you are said to be very hyper.
person jamiee LOVES!! And he is lovexayyy
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