Meaning of the name Jackie:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
i think the name jackie means loud, outgoing, fun, gorgeous, amazing friends, gets lots of guys, likes 2 have fun
Jackie- The most amazing, beautiful, funny, outgoing, caring, loving, life of the party sister I could EVER ask for! A girl I would do anything for. A girl I would die for in a heart beat if it EVER had to be done! (: I love my Sister!
smart,nice,helpful,dependable,and you count on and always be there if you need her
Jackie- the best friend a girl could have I love her I would die for her she is my bestie! Pretty, nice, speaks her mind, always takes a dare. I love her so much!
Jackie- Amazing,Beautiful, outgoing , likes to have fun,helpful,count on her if u need her-- she is amazing
the best name in the world she stands out above everyone
Jackie is a true friend. I should know cuz Jackie is my BFFLNMWHCTWR (best friend for life no matter what happens cuz together we rock)
There's this girl name Jackie in my scool thats in 7th grade and she is funny,awesome,smart,and I hav a really big crush on her!:)but I'm scared she'll say no to me if I ask her out:/,I think she the most beautiful,hot,lovey girl ever
my name is jackie and i get gold stars and i prear ended 6th grade math.
Jackie my BFF is so amazing she is dependable you guys are totally right about those Jackie's so Jackie if you ever think I hate you read this my BFF Jackie is dependable helpful strong helps me with what ever problems that come towards me
my nick name is Jackie but my whole name is Jackeline i like it but hate it because if some of yall see on the computer the red squiggly line when you misspell something it happens to me even though its a name i guess my mom did not know how to spell it or something because its no even on this website so some thing i am :Loud,funny,outgoing,an amazing friend(people tell me this every time just to let you know for that you don't think i'm making this up),smart/dumb,nice,but mean when needed,helpful,dependable that is pretty much it
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