Meaning of the name Jacob:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, Dutch, Scandinavian, Biblical
the coolest person you know
Jacob actually means grabber because when he was born he was holding his twin brother Esau's heel. Jacob also means dreamer, God gave Jacob dreams while he slept and that is where Jacob can from
It's mean loving awesome fine person
It means the loveiest beast to ever walk this earth
jacob is so lovey
the guy have a crush on :O HAHA hes funny,HOT,and a ah-mazing athlete!!!!!! :) and he lkes me 2..atleast thts what this friend told me
It means the best boyfriend in the word and a lovey beast ;)
`one who follows on another's heels
some gaey nutball player
Jacob means the nicest guy evar.
An awsome person with lots of friends & gets girls & he is cute......MY NAME IS JACOB!
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