Meaning of the name Jacqueline:
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Gender: Female
Usage: French, English
Jacqueline is an elegant and beautiful name. Girls with this name are very lovey and prear endionate people. It derives from the word Jacob.
This name means you like to go on an adventure, you are funny, smart, like to keep people going and you will step up to things
Jacqueline is a elegant and pretty name. Anybody who has this name be happy with yourself.
Girls who have this name usually like to be adventurous, self-confident, and have profound thoughts.
this is the most awesomest name anyone will ever come up with!!!!!!!and this is my name:D yyyaaayyy
Its the best name ever !
Nick names: Jaxie, Jackie, Jaquie, Jax, Jack
This name is beautiful. Ussually They are smart, gorgeous, nice, shy, caring, good with advice, and gets along with anyone unless they are hurt or having bad feelings towad a person. They trust easily and are easy to open up. Jacquelines are also strong and adventrous. Don't get opn their bad side. Overall Jacquelines are amazing and wonderful.:] hehe ily
My name is Jacqueline as well...I was named after my wonderful loving late father, Jack. What more do I need to say??
It means "To protect" in french. Positive:The name pretty much belongs to people who love adventure, comedy, and romance. There very romantic and don't like people correcting them when their wrong. Very energetic. Extreamly generous, Some are very ticklish, and love attention. They are very creative and love anything artistic such as singing, acting, drawing, and creating stories. HUGE imagination. Very funny, cheerful people. Not the type of person you would like to see upset. Dedication. Are very GOOD liars and LOVE Jewels. Doesn't like gossip..... Maybe just a little bit.Negative:Get very angry if insulted, but for a very short time. Easily get influenced. If their in a huge conflict they would best keep it to themselves and try resolving it by themselves ( even if it's impossible they try.)Easily get jelouse. Envy other people if they steal their spotlight. Talk back. Can accedentally hurt a person without knowing it. Sometimes selfish. Talk too much.
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