Meaning of the name Jada:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
A strong girl who doesnt lyk to be talked about or lyk phoney people will tell you off in a heartbeat will fight if someone steps up out jumps stupid to her. Loves to chill and jamm to music. LOves to write poetry and has a wonderful voice Hates whn people talks behind her friends back and won't say it to that persons face. Risk taker to da fullest isn't afraid to step out it the word and make a name for her self. Is a bit of a trouble but it doesn't phase her because she will blow it off her shoulder and keep life pushing to the fullest
jada is a fun person she is awsome and funnie 1 of da besties
A beautiful loving girl. Is fun and awesome
A very loving person,Caring,Sweet but very MYSTERIOUS kind of hard to figure out Great TRUSTWORTHY friendvery beautiful but always loves to keep secrets bottled up inside.Kinda a gossiper but WOULD NEVER tell a SECRET promise is a promise to herFunny but sensitive Confusing but thats how she is
A loving kind person who will tell it like it is you may no t like it but at least they ain't lien to you know they love you enough to tell you the truth...ya feel meh?
she is the homie. Kall her meei siis, never get lied to. will jump to soeone in a heart beat. dnt care what nobody say tho. she 1of tha best and baddest always will be.. I yhu siis!
she is so sweet ! but she can quickly become sour if you call her a bicth
you can just about ask her anything
To be yourself and love the way you are strong person that isnt afraid to fight a person really bigger then her
Jada means a girl who gets staright to the point and desn't play around.She chooses her friends wisely. She doesn't give a drat if you are her friend or if you are not because she doesn't go and ask people to be her friends all of her friends come to her she is boy crazy but ALL YOU CAN DO IS LOVE HER.She always tells it how it is never leaves anything out and she doesn't care if you like it or not because she is just going to keep it real. JADA ALWAYS KEEPS IT REAL YOU KNOW THE DEAL.
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