Meaning of the name James:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, Biblical
James is a sweet loving guy. I could ask him for anything but if u get on his bad side u will never get back on his good side. He will always b there for u.
Never gives up works hard and sometimes has a straight mind. A large ego and not esily pushed over. You can't have a better friend but never get on his bad side or you'll never be on his good. Silent but wise, shy but smart. He is someone who wil guide u through the dark take the for you and step into fire if it means saving the lives of the ones he loves. His alter-ego is rambunctious and obnoctious, he'll wear you out. But his other personallity is the best. He will stick with you through thick and thin. Truly fit to be a king.
Someone who is funny, sweet, and is always happy and silly. The kind of guy every girl wants to be their boyfriend.
James is a great name he is kind sensitive joyful happy lovey big personalty with a heart of gold
the absolute best name and person ever
an awesome guy who is very cute and the best friend u could have
Friend of God. It is the English derivative of Jacob.
Smart, noble, and calm. However, if you somehow manage to get him really angry, you're in for a hurricane!
my name is james and im a gently caressin bosss
It means he's hung like a mule
what are you talkin bout with all these coments be nice hello get a life yea i went there duhhhh
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