Meaning of the name James:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, Biblical
James is a sweet loving guy. I could ask him for anything but if u get on his bad side u will never get back on his good side. He will always b there for u.
Never gives up works hard and sometimes has a straight mind. A large ego and not esily pushed over. You can't have a better friend but never get on his bad side or you'll never be on his good. Silent but wise, shy but smart. He is someone who wil guide u through the dark take the for you and step into fire if it means saving the lives of the ones he loves. His alter-ego is rambunctious and obnoctious, he'll wear you out. But his other personallity is the best. He will stick with you through thick and thin. Truly fit to be a king.
Someone who is funny, sweet, and is always happy and silly. The kind of guy every girl wants to be their boyfriend.
an awesome guy who is very cute and the best friend u could have
James is a great name he is kind sensitive joyful happy lovey big personalty with a heart of gold
the absolute best name and person ever
Smart, noble, and calm. However, if you somehow manage to get him really angry, you're in for a hurricane!
Friend of God. It is the English derivative of Jacob.
my name is james and im a gently caressin bosss
james is a name of a person who when is happy can be anyones friend. But when you cross him you will see the sick twisted freak of a person he really is. peice of advice dont cross him
who ever wrote this is the happyest person ever ^
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