Meaning of the name Janae:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
Janae means your outgoing, fun, entertaining, and beautiful in your OWN way and your a leader.
janae actually means to be wild with wind witch is to be out going its not shy but just the oppisite janae used to be spelt like jania who was a egyption godess she was the godess of wind to them that is how wild with wind started
Omg my name is Janae and I love it. And I'm all of the above!!!!!
It means you are smart and pretty you are funny and strong and always up for a challenge
I want to name my first daughter this(: it's a cute name.
Beauty, thoughtful, good middle name...
It means spotaneous, angelic, and exciting ;)
i think it means ur pretty greatful and strong and ur always be respectful and nice
this name means twin of Niahm
God has blessed. My mom named me janae because she had 2 miscarrages n god blessed her with me.
i think it meanss god andd precious
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