Meaning of the name Janae:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
Janae means your outgoing, fun, entertaining, and beautiful in your OWN way and your a leader.
This name means something like i'm very outgoing, not mean, but nice, and yes, it could mean gracious.
Janae means your outgoing, fun, entertaining, and beautiful in your OWN way and your a leader.
i means imcute smart funny beatiful love lovey and caring
This name is means that i'm significant, maybe not perfect, because is nobody in this world that is perfect, but they might be special to somebody else though.
It means spotaneous, angelic, and exciting ;)
janae actually means to be wild with wind witch is to be out going its not shy but just the oppisite janae used to be spelt like jania who was a egyption godess she was the godess of wind to them that is how wild with wind started
this name means twin of Niahm
It is old French and a female name for John. It's meaning, translated to Yochanan, is, "God has been gracious." I think it means to be shy and a little afraid of what the world may bring, and uncertain about the future. My name is Janae and I like life to be planned out accordingly, with little surprise. So, fittingly, I think that this is what Janae means. I also like technical scientific straight-up fact, truthfulness, and books. This is what Janae means to me.
actually, idiots u spell dumb with a b at the end and love the name janae so all the girls vwho are bad mouthing u better shut the gently caress up
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