Meaning of the name Jane:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
The true meaning is Gods gift of Grace.
Jane means gift of god
Gods Gift.
It mean's they love caring for people
lover of books
"GODS angel of wisdowm"
Lover of books, born to act, loves to help people
The best mum ever that turtals all the time :) xx
Jane comes from the term "Jane is a nerd" but over time it has changed into the meaning "secret agent" or even "victorian" but it really means "nerd"
she si the best mum ever and it means caring and kind and thpughtful bnut caan be moodey
Jane is my name and i love my name i never knew until this day my real name was jane!!! I always thought my name was macaia cause i thought that was what it was, thats what my mom and everyone called me, but my personality is very beautiful, but i HATE BOYS, they are mean to me cause of the way i am, BOYS HATE ME AND I HATE BOYS BACK!!!!!!!!!
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