Meaning of the name Janice:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
your beautiful, smart, and caring
gods gracious gift
beautiful and devoted
graceful and grateful
your wish comes true no matter what happens, but always wish to be a beautiful girl, Janice
i dont know about gods gracious gift but beautiful, intelligent, prear endionette, funny, and very caring
I don't trust you whoever said I'm stupid!!!
Janice is such a nice name for a beautiful personbut in some time she cant be trusted.She'll always get what she want.She love to be loved.She will sometimes look nice to you but talk bad things behind your backmy friend janice have the same atpillowude
She has big lips and plays guitar in a band. Her skin is orange. thats janice from the muppets
really takes care of people who dont have nothing
my friends name are janice is fuuny like a pupy
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