Meaning of the name Jared:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, Biblical
this name means you are a free spirit, you are willing to take risks and love to push yourself beyond your limit. you like to impress the people you love so you will feel accepted and that you have the power and trust of other people to do what you want whenever you wantsydneesydnee
jared means a wonderful lovey man who is all around a great guy and wonderful in bed very loveing too
A really sweet guy who knows how to make someone laugh. He also can win a girls heart quickly and can hold a good conversation. Finally, he's very athletic, and good and biking and such.
Is a trust worthy person. who has a wonderful smile big heart.Full of joy and laughter. Makes every one feel like their best friends . Defends others like friends , family . Willing to take risk . Always known as a happy enjoyable funny sweet lovable.Most known person , a person who's always gonna be there for you
Jared is a person who is creative, caring, kind, nice, wonderful, handsome, school hating, video game playing, happy, good-looking, holiday loving, animal loving, smart, life loving person
Sweet & kind
Jared is my bestfriends crush :)
it means little king or one who rules
a funny bastard who i love
i mean sydnee....srry
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