Meaning of the name Jasmine:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, French
jasmine is a beautiful,an outgoing person,pretty,smart,and fun to hung out.~jazzy jazz~
Jasmine means a flower
jasmine means beautiful flower
jasmine means flower
i means fragrent flower
sxy beautiful fine young flower
Jasmine means Gift from god- look it up hatas!!!
My name is Jasmine and I am proud to have my name
Jasmine is an awesome name!!!!!
Jasmine means a fine girl who can do anything if she believies and my name is Jasmine so love this name
Lol My Name Is Jasmine And Im Proud To Have This Name ;) This Is A Very special Name That Mean Real Thinq . So If Yu Got The Name Jasmine . # It Mean : Real , Cute , Out Goinq, Smart , Fun To Be With Etc......
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