Meaning of the name Jay:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
jay the happy
Jay is smart
jay means sweet, cute, smart, sensitive but not to sensitive, respectful, funny, awsome, and a person i love to be around.
its a leader
Jay means someone whos independent, nice, funny, talented.
is fine mf thats seeet,cute,sensitive,awsomeamazing guy that i really like.
Smart funny hot lol
Sensitive guy who is always there for his friends.
Cool peaceful
Jay is happy
Jay:Means someone who can be shy at time but then again really loud.Jay is someone who sometimes can be conceded but at other times can really care for other. Jay is someone, someone with a funny sense of humor and can become really paranoid at the smallest things. Jay is smart can be stupid at times. Jay is someone trustworthy. Last but not least Jay is B E A U T I F U L ! ; ]
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