Meaning of the name Jay:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
jay the happy
Jay is smart
Jay means someone whos independent, nice, funny, talented.
jay means sweet, cute, smart, sensitive but not to sensitive, respectful, funny, awsome, and a person i love to be around.
its a leader
is fine mf thats seeet,cute,sensitive,awsomeamazing guy that i really like.
Smart funny hot lol
Sensitive guy who is always there for his friends.
Cool peaceful
Jay is happy
my name is jay and the truth is i can be an rear end but i always respect my peers i get told consantly that im nice and i know that im a pushover im a talented singer and good at sports and yet kids dont like me im an outcast with ceartian people from all cliques and i get used by girls consantly i cant find a nice one and my standards are way too high
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