Meaning of the name Jayda:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
nice,loving,talkative,one of your best friend,cute girl,and can dance) whole packet
most amazing girl ever, if you meet a jayda you will never want to loose her. esspically if your her boyfriend shes a keeper (;
my freind is name jayda and she is pretty
a girl or a boy but mostly a girl who is nice and cheerful
also jayda is a wonderful name
my 3 year old's name is Jayda and she is one of a kind.. very strong willed... will NEVER let anyone walk over her... this will be a fact, very SMART!!!!!!!
Gender: FemaleUsage: English (Modern)Meaning: nice,loving,talkative,cute girl,can dance and is very mature.
a very talkitive girl who can keep a friendship going...sometimes she can be CRAZY!
nice and shy
Jayda means crazy but filled withwith potential. An empathetic person who always wants to help:)
Someone who is decieving. They can be cute and everything but get them mad and you'll regret it. They are strong people. They won't let you tell them what to do. But when they're going through hard situations and they need help, they'll be really vulnerable. Also, JAYDAS are sweethearts too. So if you ever meet one, you're one lucky person.
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