Meaning of the name Jayda:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
nice,loving,talkative,one of your best friend,cute girl,and can dance) whole packet
most amazing girl ever, if you meet a jayda you will never want to loose her. esspically if your her boyfriend shes a keeper (;
my freind is name jayda and she is pretty
also jayda is a wonderful name
my 3 year old's name is Jayda and she is one of a kind.. very strong willed... will NEVER let anyone walk over her... this will be a fact, very SMART!!!!!!!
a girl or a boy but mostly a girl who is nice and cheerful
Gender: FemaleUsage: English (Modern)Meaning: nice,loving,talkative,cute girl,can dance and is very mature.
a very talkitive girl who can keep a friendship going...sometimes she can be CRAZY!
nice and shy
Jayda means crazy but filled withwith potential. An empathetic person who always wants to help:)
good way of cool
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