Meaning of the name Jayla:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
my name means to be crazy fun smart have sense of humor but not common sense and not able to make up my mind all the time
It's a girl name!!!!!!!!!!!
So cute and stylish
sweet cool fun to hang with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
crazy,fun, a bff, cool,
a generious person with a good taste and loves to eat!!!!!! like me
All of the thing am going like sweet caring smarte has the best taste in clothing
A trustworty person
I actually did research,it is not that. I went to this website called, and Jayla means 'one who is special' and the good special.Jayla Simms
smart but bad
A person who's not bad but not always to hang with. Makes up her own words ex.creatfaboulus if that's how you spell it.
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