Meaning of the name Jaylee:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
bookworm,smart,really fun to be around, independent, and if u dont like the sound of this person ur crazy and a total moron. she is my best friend in the whole entire world
thats a cool combo between 2 names!
Loves to live on edge, very adventurous
it means your on the adventorous side and always beautifulinside and out
a fun and free spirited person that loves to be the live of the party and loves to dance and just have a great time with her friends
tans easily
it means ur aweasome like me cause its my name
very pretty smart and friendly
Ur sensitive like me cause this is my name
It means that you have the same name as me! and it also mean that you will be amazing and have lots of friends and hangs with the popular crowd. you are amazing at soccer and you just have a great time with everything you do.
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