Meaning of the name Jaylen:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English (Modern)
Jaylen really means one who never backs down and yes we r aggressive and athletic and my name is JAYLEN. so tecnicly we r ZOE'S
a person that is nice and doesnt knw wat he rele wants n lyf,,,,,,doesnt rele LOVE that person...he jus hides hys emotions =)
my name is jaylen and im very athletic and agressive so the person who said that i agree with you
Mostly aggressive and athletic people are named jaylen or jalyn and jaelynn
nice, smart and stands out from all the others
Funnybto be around
my name is jalen and this is a girl and boy so get yall facts right
my name is jalynn and I am a girl so yea
my name means that i can be the best i can be and i will never ever back down + i look good
i know a seventh grader named Jaelynn and she is mean to me all the time because her ex (who is in my grade and in all my clrear endes) broke up with her for me and she wants hikm back. she is manipulitvie and she looks like a man and sounds like one. she glares at me and is beyond rude. she thinks that she is all that and she lies all the time and is a horrible person to be around. she was nice to me one day and one day only. and wen she doesnt get what she wants right away she tries to get it sooner or later either way she gets it. she gives the name jaelynn(which is a beautiful name) a horrible image1 never ever naming my daughter that. EVER!
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