Meaning of the name Jaylen:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English (Modern)
Jaylen really means one who never backs down and yes we r aggressive and athletic and my name is JAYLEN. so tecnicly we r ZOE'S
a person that is nice and doesnt knw wat he rele wants n lyf,,,,,,doesnt rele LOVE that person...he jus hides hys emotions =)
my name is jaylen and im very athletic and agressive so the person who said that i agree with you
Mostly aggressive and athletic people are named jaylen or jalyn and jaelynn
nice, smart and stands out from all the others
Jaylen is a sweet heart but is scared of some things in life but if you push him hard enough he will get tired and push you bakk.
my name is Jaylen i am athletic ang good in school i am a cousin of Charles Scott
Not very athletic but very nice/amazing friend
I don't know what it mean but I just know I'm a girl and not a BOY...but mines is spelled Jalyn.
im a girl called jaylynne
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