Meaning of the name Jennie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Hate to break it to ya sisters but Jennie is from Irish origin and means Great Wave. Yes I agree that Jennie is a name that sounds like she would be popular, smart, a leader, etc. I love your ideas :)
white lady, white cheeked. Is clever but often cheeky. She keeps her feelings to herself and is good at keeping secrets. A born leader and a true friend
Jennie means a good girl who does not talk alot and is shy but is fun and some times is very loud and loves bananas and loves to have her oun style
none of the above except "smart"
Cool my mom's name is jennie and she likes bananas!!!!!!!
hey guys, my name is jennie, so i know what it means. it means a loving girl that has never even squished a's true. squishing bugs is gross!
im jennie
jennie is a great and sweet and a true friend to people and her friends can be fun and crazy sometimes! :)
Out going , smart , willing to help those in need of it, has a mouth but knows when she NEEDS to use it , educational very wise & great to learn from : )
Jennie means you like sheep, light blue, apples, coconuts, and is a good person. No gossip or any thing! I love all the Jennies in the univers.
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