Meaning of the name Jennifer:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
A really,really pretty girl that every guy wants that is athletic and determined to do things correct.Trust me,if you mess with anyone whose name is Jennifer,you will get your rear end kicked.A girl with the name Jennifer can also be a bit hyper.
a crazy funny friend :D
funny,nicest,and mst beautiful ever!!!
my best friends name is jennifer and let me tell ya u mess with her or her friends u get gently caressed up, everybody always goes to her for advice, she likes to be different and not like everybody else, if somebody thinks she will let them boss her around and tell her what to do they r wrong shes her own person and doesnt act like anybody else she is one of the most hyper people i know and she is very random shes clumsy caring has ALOT of those blond moments shes outgoing and she doesnt ever give up on what she wants until she gets it or finds what she wants all of the jennifers i know r the farthest things from girls. and they r only fine persones when u get them pissed off. ~ Iliana
A really pretty girl that is athletic and determined to do things right.She can be mean and times and a bit hyper.
AND ALSO A fine person
a preatty girl
It means determined dedicated loyal wise funny smart
nobody can ever cach up with my friend jennifer. shes not a little hyper shes SUPER hyper and a great friend. shes extremly wacky. hates being told what to do loves talking (trust me she wont shut up for anything) very entertaining. thinks shes a jellyfish. has a best friend that is a puple space cow (now u see y we call her wacky) she loves to whare colorful clothes and make up her own style and sometimes not match very well. jennifer loves animals not so much bugs. not very nice when u make her mad. DO NOT MESS WITH HER OR ANY OTHEr JENNIFER FOR THAT MATTER. laghs at almost everything even if its not funny. probably not agood idea to give her sugar just saying...
It means like you are so pretty and you have nice parents and a good brother or sister and so funny crazy,good,thankful. Some people say it is a ugly name but they are wrong because my name is Jennifer to and people say it is a pretty name my parents agree. People say it is not only beatoful it is so speacul beacuse lots if girls have that name. My buddy name is Jennifer too she is a little bigger than me that is why it is so spiecol
My name is Jennifer and my friends would describe me as all of the above except the mom thing cuz I'm not a mom yet
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