Meaning of the name Jeremiah:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, Biblical
It means sent by GOD your person, Jeremiah
sometimes smart and funny but also a brat
He's Very Hot
is is with god and he is loveing and nice but can be mean how i know that my name is jeremiah
person who is sporty fun loving nice and like to play football
Does everything Like a Boss
Its all true!!! Except the football thing! I know this because my name is Jeremiah. This describes me so much its creepy
Handsome, Friendly, Cute, Loving, Loyal. How do I know this, because he his my boyfriend.
A cry baby wants to win at everything but a hella of a good fighter
he is a happy manet little boy who thinks hes cute
my bfs name is jeremiah and hes not talking to me to day
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