Meaning of the name Jeremiah:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, Biblical
It means sent by GOD your person, Jeremiah
sometimes smart and funny but also a brat
He's Very Hot
is is with god and he is loveing and nice but can be mean how i know that my name is jeremiah
Does everything Like a Boss
person who is sporty fun loving nice and like to play football
he gets mad very quick
Handsome, Friendly, Cute, Loving, Loyal. How do I know this, because he his my boyfriend.
A really hot dude
he is a happy manet little boy who thinks hes cute
Adonai will Rise, Adonai is High, Adonai will raise up, Adonai is with thee, Adonai has seperated thee unto HIMSELF, Adonai is Awsome YIRMEYAH
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