Meaning of the name Jericho:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Biblical
wth. Jericho is a nice funny guy, caring, hilarious, sweet, caring, and always have TONS of great ideas.
jerico means is best bro ever!!! will never find another like him
Jericho in the bible-as a city in Palestine-might actually mean city of the moon. As a name Jericho can be either male or female but if you are of European decent it is usually Jerika or Jericca.As a name it refers usually to the meaning place of fragrance. It is intended as a blessing. as in the spirit of God is within you and all around you. It is a sighn of one who is blessed and walks with God. Such as... he smelt of blossoms...sage...etc. Show some reverence and remember that it is never to late to live up to your name i.e Samson.Research the rest on your own there is profound theology to consider. Good-speed and I hope this helped.
A beautiful man. Political, helps children ,romantic, tempermental!
jericho was the best guy i ever meet.. i love him to deathh
Best bro ever!!!Will never find another one like em
my names Jericho and i'm a girl fine personess!!!!!
city of the moon
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