Meaning of the name Jessica:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
My name is Jessica and it means GODS GRACE. pay attention people its always meant this and it always will...btw we are not big bosses we r just natural leaders.
i like this one : Jessica- Joyful,Ethical,Silly,Smil ey,Intelligent,Clingy,and AWSOME!!!!!!!! hahaha take that jerk offs!(yea I couldn't think of anything 4 C!) lol srry :0 I LOVE ALL THE JESSICAS OF DA WORLD! cause this one is true. my best friend's name is jessica and i love her to death! siters for liffee
Amazing amazing.
God's Grace =D
My Best Friend Name Is Jessica. She Is So Crazy But Goofy !! She's Very Helpful With Advice And Motherly !! She Always Wants Food And Stuff !! LOL !! But You Have To Love Her !! She The Sweetest Most Friendliest Preson In The World That Is Why I Love Her !! By Jayla ((STL))
she is a joyful person she is always pretty
Jessica means "Gods Grace" and it's Hebrew. I suggest you guys realize that not every Jessica is bad.
god's grace and it means rich :) -jessica
I'm Jessica and my parents say my name to them means a an unwrapped gift from God
my name is jessica and i am cute beatiful kind and sweet
my cousin jessica alba gave me a f****n 500$ my mom didnt let me have even a penny she used it all
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