Meaning of the name Jodi:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
A really nice lady
it means always loving, forgiving
a hot,amazing person and like a super stuffed animal you will never want to give up and keep till you die
I know a Jodi. She is great and fun. Epic also.
a great awesome girl who is shy but loveing. she will stad up for her friends but not herself. she is also my sis so be nice.
A kind hatted person
Brenda means flame or sword
A girl who has smelly tarts
A kind harted person
Hence my own name, I find these answers wrong. They are your own opion, I have spent mainly hours trying to pick myself a new name. Thus studing my natrual name as well, concluding my theory.Someone who is independent, quiet, spy-like almost. They come off as shy, but secretly able to destroy you with words and wit. They can take care of everyone around them and need no matince for themselves. This is also true with Virgos, if you are like myself, a virgo. There is a deeply hidden potentail for you.
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