Meaning of the name Jodi:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
A really nice lady
it means always loving, forgiving
a hot,amazing person and like a super stuffed animal you will never want to give up and keep till you die
I know a Jodi. She is great and fun. Epic also.
a great awesome girl who is shy but loveing. she will stad up for her friends but not herself. she is also my sis so be nice.
A kind hatted person
Brenda means flame or sword
A girl who has smelly tarts
A kind harted person
A rude person with no sense of style or dirction and has really bad anger issues she always holds grudges and pushes away people she will need in the future but they won't help her because she was a jerk to them and now they want nothing to do with her because she really mean and thinks she knows everything
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