Meaning of the name Jody:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
jody is a bonanna:)
Jody means God will increase...meaning god will love and bless you increase your numbers give you a better life with less worry or havoc
jody means godly
jody is the best name u could ever have
Typical, Shy, Cute, young lady/gentlemen who has a lot to say but not enough power too.
my moms name is jody so u guys sayin all these bad stuff bout it i will find u and beat the living HELL out of u sh... heads
annoying little sister
jodys my mommys name
jody is a bictch
In world war 2, Jody's stayed home and "took care" of the soldiers wives.
My name is jody so yall can keep my name out yall mouth period
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