Meaning of the name Joe:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
I think Joe is a great name and the Joe I know is a great guy with lots of friends and a great life ahead of him!!
........... funny
joe is my name and yes im kind and loving just dont get on my bad side
Joe is a wonderful name. A person with this name is ver caring and trustorthy. Never have i met a joe who would hurt someones feelings. Im in love with a boy named joe.
The greatest person in the world that can sometimes be the biggest rear end in a tophat you've ever met
U r rite joes my bro
plays basketball
my dad is joe and he is totally cool ps and strong
Joe means awesome cool epic super ect.....
Joe is a great name I really like this guy named Joe so yeah he is really nice sweet and kind!!! So yeah!!! Yay for Joe
My husbands name is Joe and he is caring ,a very schudeled person, wanting to know things a head of time and writing it down, ALWAYS on time! Great lover, big hunter, wonderful husband and father.
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