Meaning of the name Joey:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
joey is smart,kind when he wants to be,cute,hot,strange,interesting,crazy,gross,and awesome
It means a guy that is very loving,caring, and enjoyable to be around. He has a very energetic personaility and always wants to be in the action. He is very liked and puts on an act for the public. He seems like a boy who loves life and is never sad but truly he is very shy and self conscious about him self. Always wondering what people with think of him and what they will say. He has a good love life and will probaly get married early.
Joey means BEAST. Look it up in the dictionary.
The name joey is awesome.
is amaze
Well; I think it means fuuunnyy fool and athletic guy and sometimes thinking something that is definetly nooot true
joey is my best friends soul mate.
i hott boy i love boys that are name joey
My bestest guy friend in the whole wide world!!!!!
My boyfriend is named joey and he is very smart and kind when he wants to be and also very very hor and all that it sAYs above :)I agree withe the"good love life" but theprobaly getting married early sounds cute lol
my cousin knows a boy named joey and she says he is hot but i belive it is a baby kangraoo
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