Meaning of the name Johan:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Scandinavian, German, Dutch, Czech
Johan means god is gracious
I love Johan
johan is super HOT!!!!!
One of the coolest names in the world. This person is or will be very sucessful. Long life and attractive.
johan means a person that is smart and loves other people and he is not a evil guy because he treats his family and friends in a nice way and he does not like batman and who ever wrote that johan poops in the side of the road is a fine person!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so please vote for this comment and you know how i know a lot about johan it's because my name is JOHAN!!! so please vote for this comment and this is how a johan would act so have a nice day and please vote OK? :)!!!
I want to meet someone named Johan just cuz my last name comes from the name Johan which is Johansson and bcuz they r Swedish like MEEEEE!!!!
My last name "Johansson " comes from the name Johan
It's a very Beautiful name and It Comes from the 1800.It's German,Swiss,Austrian,Czech Name.
JOHAN Means a guy that has a pet turtle called crush and is dieing to take him out of his cage
it means you will be the hottest guy in the world
Johan is part of the name Johannes, who was one of the disciples of Jesus, search Johannes if you want to know more about the name Johan.
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